Want to hear a Bear PURRING?

Go over to Wayne’s blog and listen

(the player is under the last photo of Mom, ‘Peggy’ and cub ‘Piglet’) 😀

Tofino Photography


This is  “Peggy” & “Piglet” on April 22nd.”Piglet” was much smaller than as you know.Recently I managed to get close enough to record Peggy feeding Piglet.I couldn’t see them,they were just inside the forests edge.I recorded it on my Go Pro.I sent the file to an acoustic engineer.He isolated Peggy’s purring/cooing.There isn’t much to listen to but what there is,is absolutely amazing!

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8 thoughts on ““PEGGY” PURRING!

  1. I’ve been following bears for over 30 years now.I’ve seen them dance,fight,smile but have never heard them purr! Cubs yes,adults no. Peggy really is a remarkable bear & a wonderful mother!
    Thanks Chris for introducing your viewers to them both!

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