Getting Your Self-Published Book Into Libraries…

by Erica Verrillo  on Published to Death site:

According to the American Library Association there are nearly 120,000 libraries in the United States.

If you are considering self-publishing, that number should make you salivate.

Libraries are not only a huge market, they are frequently an untapped one for self-publishers.

Unfortunately, libraries usually order books from their own distributors, which means approaching them directly to purchase your self-published book may be an uphill battle.

Don’t despair.  Self-published authors have several options for getting their books into libraries.

Find out more at:

Self-Published Book Into Libraries


9 thoughts on “Getting Your Self-Published Book Into Libraries…

  1. This a good post.

    I’ve had no trouble getting my book into libraries round my living area.

    I also got it recorded for the National Library For the Blind and Physically Handicap.

    Which by the way is no cost to authors.

    I also have it in a couple bookstores.

    It was easy, and I already have pre-orders from all these places for my upcoming.



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      • I don’t want to make it sound like I just walked in and said, “Here’s my book” and they just took it, but after I explained why I wrote it, and what that message meant to me, and then talked with them about my being willing to just put them on consignment in the bookstores, they were willing. Now, the bookstore owner where they sell best simply orders his directly from the site. The libraries in my area, were happy to take donated books, and the Library for the Blind and Physically Handicap chose it to be one of the ones they used some of their appropriated monies for, self-published books, each year.

        Now, they’re expressing interest in my second book, Bubba Tails From the Puppy Nursery At The Seeing Eye, coming soon!

        Should be out in a couple or three weeks or so, and to say I’m excited about that would be a huge understatement.


        This blog post is not about my shamelessly self promoting, so I’ll Leave it for now.

        Of course, I’m stupid excited, so forgive if I do it again! 🙂

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  2. Some libraries actually feature local authors, so check with the library near you for that kind of program. And yes, often you have to donate copies, but if your book looks good and is well-written, if enough library users request it, additional copies may be purchased.
    I tried to comment on the original post, but it seems my WordPress url has “illegal characters.” ☹️

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