Characterization Tips – What to Avoid, Where to Focus

Good, sound, basic, but oft forgotten, advice from Don 😀


Author Don Massenzio

This post is focused on a very important, if not the most important, aspect of your writers, your characters. Readers become invested in characters. They learn to love and/or hate characters. They sympathize and/or empathize with their flaws, quirks and events that shape them. Character development is both essential and difficult.

In this post, I hope to pull together some useful tips that I have tried to follow in my own writing or have learned from those that are respected and successful in the craft.


  • Be consistent with what you call your characters – If you’re character’s name is John Doe, stick with calling him John or Mr. Doe or Johnny. But don’t alternate or you will confuse your readers. I actually broke this rule in my first book, Frankly Speakingand in it’s subsequent related books, I have a character named Clifford Jones, III. He is an attorney…

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6 thoughts on “Characterization Tips – What to Avoid, Where to Focus

  1. Oh please! Just use some common sense in naming your characters and that goes for nicknames too. Fed up with being told don’t do this and don’t do that then finding one of Britain’s biggest selling author’s (and you don’t get much bigger than J.K. Rowling writing as Robert Galbraith) has not only done ‘this’ (given her character’s unusual names) but also done ‘that’ (in giving a character half a dozen nicknames).

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