Writing In The Midst Of Chaos

Some great ideas from, Charles 😀

Nicholas C. Rossis

This is a guest post by my author friend, Charles E. Yallowitz. Written in his trademark tongue-in-cheek manner, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Writing In The Midst Of Chaos

Thank you to Nicholas for offering a spot on his blog.  My name is Charles E. Yallowitz and I’m the author behind the Legends of Windemere blog.  There’s also a fantasy adventure series by that name if anyone is into that kind of stuff or simply curious about a new genre.  I’ll just leave the link HERE and mosey away from the blatant promo.  Figure it’s a requirement considering I am an author and electric companies prefer money than signed eBooks or mentions in a story.

One of the most common questions and post subjects I’ve seen as an author involves talking about your workstation.  I’ve seen neat desks, messy offices, shelves with action figures, and…

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4 thoughts on “Writing In The Midst Of Chaos

  1. I guess this is necessary for some, but I think it’s sad someone would need to go through all that, and while I’m certain there’s a bit of sarcasm here, I just got to ask…

    Do your families not have any respect?

    I wrote over half my second book in the Campbell’s Rambles series, The Raw Truth: Campbell’s Rambles Book Two being posted on my blog, sitting in the living room of my house, with, a 1-and-half-year-old running round playing, and teens and adults watching TV, and all I had to do was say, “Guys I’m going to write for two hours, don’t bother me until this timer goes off, unless my book is in danger of being burned up by a fire breathing dragon, and no more was needed.

    I simply made it good and clear, No Bothering Me!

    And it worked.

    Blessid Be to the chaos!

    PS. My first book, Campbell’s Rambles: How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life was worked on in the phone room of the I&R Crisis Referral Center I worked in.

    Maybe being blind does have its advantages. I have to wear headphones much of the time, due to working with talking screen reader, and so just don’t hear stuff around me.

    Never gave much thought.

    Good article though, and I totally enjoyed your ideas. I’ll keep them handy.

    My newest challenge is upon me.

    I opened a drop-in center here in my home so that a friend could bring her group here. That, might require more of what is written here.

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