The Future of Humans

JK has an interesting take about the possible effects of technology on the future evolution of humans – and a great writing prompt 😎


Evolution is a funny thing- it means to develop, grow, rise, progress. But what if in a hundred years we find that evolution becomes a circle? What if it is a cycle with a limit of progression which then decreases and repeats on itself? Many scientists and studies have shown that with the rise of technology, our unhealthy lifestyles and the controversial mind-numbing media, humans are in for unexpected changes to our bodies.


Visual reality is increasingly blurring lines between what is real and what is computer animated. The imposing rise of consumption of mobile phones, tablets and television screens have not yet affected our eye sights, however, this is inevitable. Our eyesight will not improve with evolution, but only decrease in its capability. No longer will we be looking outside at the sunset, we will rely on Instagram to show it for us.
Eyesight is not the only…

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