How people had fun in the pre-digital era

Those were the days ❤️

bluebird of bitterness

For bonus points, see if you can spot the celebrity.

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15 thoughts on “How people had fun in the pre-digital era

  1. Oh, my gosh! Are those actual children doing things OUTSIDE? Getting fresh air??? Say it ain’t so.

    I do remember having to go out during certain times. Other times, wanting to go out but unable to because I either had homework or did something wrong and got put on restriction. (I think they call it a “Time Out” these days.) I would sit in front of the window and my siblings would ride their bicycles by, pointing and laughing at me for not being able to join in.

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  2. Fabulous series of pictures! That third pic with the kids on the rabbit-hoppers (space-hoppers?)… I had one of those when I was about that age. Didn’t work well on concrete and suffered abrasion… But the one I had met its end with a failure of the joint between the ‘rabbit ear’ handle and the balloon section. I still remember that, for some reason.

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  3. These are lovely photos making me feel all nostalgic for a time when I doubt I was even alive or at least just alive. I wonder if 50 odd years someone will post pictures of a load of kids staring at their mobile phones and someone will write… There are lovely photos making me feel…. Didn’t spot the celebrity unless it’s the photo of the 2 kids with colanders on their heads and sunglasses, in which case they grew up to become the Buggles (you know… Video Killed the Radio Star!)
    Did I win?
    Didn’t think so!

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