Why I’ll Never Run Another Goodreads Giveaway Again … Probably … Maybe

Something to think about if you do Giveaways 😎

Carrie Rubin

I’ve wanted to write about this for a while, so I’m emerging from my blogging peek-a-boo and publishing an actual post.

I could have just as easily titled it “That Time Winners Made Money off My Book but I Didn’t.”

I’m referring to winners of book giveaways who immediately sell the book on Amazon (or some other venue) without reading it first or leaving a review, which, although not required to win, is certainly the hope. Why enter a book giveaway if you’re not interested in the novel?

Of course, not all winners leave reviews. Maybe they never got around to reading the book. Maybe they didn’t like it and want to spare the author a bad review. No problem. Expecting everyone to review the book is unrealistic. I net about a 30% review response from giveaways, and from what I’ve read that tends to be the norm.

Hmm, that…

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14 thoughts on “Why I’ll Never Run Another Goodreads Giveaway Again … Probably … Maybe

  1. Carrie, if they didn’t read your book, it is their loss and they probably wouldn’t get it anyway. What a shame and a let down that must be. Perhaps next time a few copies to a local library? Most State Library’s enjoy having copies of any book written by a resident.

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  2. I’ve never done a giveaway on Goodreads but have done on KDP via their FREE day promotion option. It doesn’t cost me anything and I have sold other books in the book’s series as a result. The only time I giveaway paperback copies is as prizes in a contest or to friends.

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