Is Your Book Ready To Self-Publish?

by Leslie Lehr  on Author Imprints site:

Leslie Lehr-Is Your Book Ready to Self-Publish?There is no step in the self-publishing process more important than writing a book worthy of reading. It’s the “product”, of course, and all other steps in the publishing journey begin with your words.

In traditional publishing the author has a team, or at least an editor, to shape the book into the masterpiece you hope it can become. But what happens when you self-publish?

In this guest post, Leslie Lehr shares a 12-step checklist every author should follow. Leslie is an award-winning author who is both traditionally published—fiction and non-fiction—and a publisher of her own imprint, GoodPressBooks. She is also a novel consultant and query letter writer for authors.

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Ready to Self-Publish?


5 thoughts on “Is Your Book Ready To Self-Publish?

  1. I’ll be headed this route soon on a series of interactive children’s books on hard to discuss topics. I have 25 topics lined up, and lucky for me my hubs is an artist among other things. It’s a niche for my field I decided on after having to make a book for a child patient… since I could find one. Inspiration can strike anytime! Not trying be a millionaire off it, so they’ll be priced low as to help as many people as possible. 🙂

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  2. This is great, Leslie – humorous and all too true. Thanks, Chris for making me aware of it. Especially loved that publishing older bypasses some of the gratuitous resentment. 🙂

    FYI: I would have left this comment on Leslie’s post but I never have the time I’m willing to dedicate to “logging in” to like or comment on non-WordPress sites. (I live logged in over here – lol).

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