When Your Creative Brain Comes To Life – 8 Inconvenient Moments #SundayBlogShare #AmWriting


Some days you can sit at your desk, staring gloomily at your laptop screen or notepad and your brain feels similar to an empty office which has closed down for the night. The lights are off and everything is quiet.

Then, you decide to have a well-earned break from your beloved project and do some housework. Boom! Suddenly your creative brain wakes up, the lights get flicked back on inside your head and everything comes alive. The idea generator in the corner of your mind rattles into action and within seconds you are inundated with a load of ideas, story plot snippets and character thoughts.

As much as we love this part of our artistic life it can be a bit tedious, because you can guarantee your creative brain will come to life and leap into action at any inconvenient moment. In my experience these are moments when you have…

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2 thoughts on “When Your Creative Brain Comes To Life – 8 Inconvenient Moments #SundayBlogShare #AmWriting

  1. My brain likes to wait until the lights go out – that’s when it really comes to life. And if I don’t get up and write down my thoughts, I’m afraid I might lose them. However, I am beginning to get it retrained by making sure I write regularly and often, which seems to help (mostly) keep it from waking up and ruining my sleep.

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