Meet Guest Children’s Book Illustrator – Dayne Sislen…

Thank you for this opportunity, Chris.

I am a children’s book illustrator. I live and breathe children’s books. I play well with others, so I help children’s book authors develop their characters visually and bring the stories for their books alive on the printed page with colorful illustrations.

I am very rare among children’s book illustrators because I actually love to work directly with self-publishing authors as well as publishers. Why am I willing to work with self-publishing authors when others are not? Occasionally I find an author who values my time, talent and expertise.

When I read their manuscript I can tell it has been carefully edited for content and as well as grammar. They belong to an experienced SCBWI critique group or they have used a professional children’s book editor. They have taken the time to learn about writing for children and their manuscript clearly shows it. The language and word count are perfect for the age group for which they are writing. I think children’s book authors are some of the most talented and clever people on earth. I enjoy getting to know them during the months we work together on their book.

After working for over 30 years in advertising as a graphic designer, art director and vice president, I have truly found my niche in life. I have been illustrating children’s books for nine years. I am working on my ninth children’s book for other authors. I have written four books of my own which I have also illustrated, but haven’t found the right literary agent to promote my work so they are not yet published.

Most children’s books take about six months to illustrate. The shortest a book has taken to illustrate is four and one-half months, the longest over three years.

You can find out more about me on:

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My illustrator page on Amazon

Below are some of the books I have illustrated:


25 thoughts on “Meet Guest Children’s Book Illustrator – Dayne Sislen…

  1. Lovely! Enjoyed that go-ahead mouse.
    Great that Dayne is prepared to consult with the writers. I don’t like to have illustrations imposed; although I have no talent for doing them myself I know what I want. I also want them to be true to the text, and to be placed exactly where they relate to the story.

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    • Thanks for your comment. If you are published by a traditional publisher, the art director, editor and the illustrator will probably have a lot more input than you, the author. Usually, they want the illustrations to expand the narrative instead of just illustrating the text in picture books. Easy readers and early chapter books have illustrations that mirror the text to help with comprehension. If you self-publish, you have more control over the illustrations and layout.

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      • I’ve never understood the rationale of traditional publishers in having cover pictures that have little or nothing to do with the content, and illustrations — differing widely from what the text is describing — placed pages away from the appropriate text. Even for a lucrative contract I wouldn’t tolerate that. They don’t widen the narrative, they simply confuse it.

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