Troubleshooting for Writers: 7 Questions to Ask When You Lose Desire to Finish Your Book – From Jane Friedman’s blog

Author Don Massenzio

Desire drives our energy. Ideally, we’d have all the creativity and energy and desire we need to write amazing stories. However, the truth is, sometimes we hit roadblocks while following through. Here are some of the most common roadblocks and how you might solve them.

1. Do You Have Writer’s Block?

Claiming to have “writer’s block” is taking the easy way out. It treats a lack of productivity as an ailment. Because it’s one of those inarguable diagnoses, it acts like a get-out-of-jail-free card. Except, in the end, it is jail. It justifies spending an endless amount of time making zero progress on writing. Writer’s block is not usually the inability to write, but rather just a fear of not writing well. Or at least not well enough.

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