Let’s Talk about Music

Here’s the perfect tag for you writers who like music to inspire, block out other noises, or, simply to help you go with the flow.
Call over to Kathrin’s original blog, (only two months old), read the post and say “Hi” to her.
She’s Swiss, has lived/studied Dance & Pilates in NYC, and just moved to London, England.

My Cup of English Tea

To many people, music is almost a necessity. It is what they relax to, get motivated through, work out to, and socialize with. As a dancer, music is central to my line of work. I use it every day, for every class, and the style varies very much depending on what kind of dance I’m performing. So, when Michele Wong created this music tag, I had to join in.

Here are the questions:

What sort of music do you like to listen to?

I actually listen to many different kinds of music, from classical to pop to instrumental. Often I ask my friends what they like at the moment, and then I see if I like those songs. Since I have very different friends, this usually gives me a good mix of songs and styles.

Do you play an instrument? What is your favorite instrument?

I started out playing…

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