Does Twitter Sell Ebooks?

By Author, Derek Haines  on Just Publishing Advice site:

Twitter has become the go to social media platform for self-published authors over the years. Perhaps this happened because both self-publishing and Twitter were launched at roughly the same time, or the immediacy and ability to blatantly flog a product on Twitter was a better fit than other platforms that constrain or demand payment for product plugging.

For whatever reason, Twitter has definitely become seen as the essential platform for self-published authors, but is it effective in delivering what authors want? Book sales. Does Twitter sell ebooks?

I can only speak from my own experience, and as I have a substantial Twitter following and use Twitter and Google Analytics, I have access to a sizeable amount of data to correlate against my own books sales.  The image below is an overview of my Twitter account for the last 28 days, with the important number being profile visits, which are visits to my Twitter profile page from a Tweet. 17,000 is good of course, but how many then click the link through to my website?

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Does Twitter Sell Ebooks?


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