Author Blogging 101: Your Quick Guide to Content Curation

by Joel Friedlander on The Book Designer site:

Curators have traditionally been found in museums and libraries where, relying on their expertise in a specific field, they acquire, organize, and present selections of works with something in common.

Enter technology, and we’ve had an explosion of online content aimed at specialized audiences. The last time I looked, there were a reported 73 million blogs online (although you and I know that probably 72 million of them are abandoned, with their last post in 2013).

With all this content sloshing around the Internet, the role of “curator” has become urgently needed to handle the firehose of data being published every day; select the content that best fits a specific purpose; then present it to readers.

This content curation can be a powerful ally for bloggers who become adept at performing these tasks quickly and efficiently, and curated content can boost your blog’s traffic, reputation, and engagement with readers.

As a bonus, when you curate other writers’ content for your readers, you don’t have to write any of it.

Content curation can benefit both you and your readers, in different ways.

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Benefits of Content Curation


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