Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Blogging Can Lead to Many Career Paths…

by Anne R. Allen

Most people who choose a career in writing first imagine ourselves as novelists or memoirists, not nonfiction writers.

But these days, writers, even novelists, can’t just write books. We need to start “A Multi-Media Author Business.” And that involves writing a lot of nonfiction. Especially on blogs.

Some of the “multi-media” advice is over the top, in my opinion–writers need to eat and sleep and have friends like other people–but I do think starting a blog is a good choice for most authors, even novelists. (Although I don’t think novelists need to blog more than once a week. I’m a big fan of Slow Blogging.)

Since I started blogging nearly eight years ago, I’ve watched a lot of author-bloggers succeed as writers. They may not have had huge success as novelists (although some have). But for all of them, the blog was the first step to a successful career in publishing.

A lot of blogs disappear, of course. Blogging well requires discipline, good 21st century writing skills, and the empathy to understand what your readers want. But if you stick to it, blogging can pay off in major ways.

Author Blogging is different from Business Blogging


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