Think you can tell tales? Test your storytelling skills…

Referred to by an article in the i Newspaper (UK):

Imagine growing up in a world without stories? Imagine trying archery on your break and not humming the Robin Hood music in your head (is that just me?) or visiting Scotland without immediately thinking of Nessie.

According to new Center Parcs research, we can reveal up to 60% of us haven’t heard a traditional folklore story in over two years. So, why have we decided to stop telling stories? Simply put, we just don’t know them – one in five of us (20%) can’t remember any tales to retell them.

But besides fun theme tunes to hum while trying archery during your summer break, traditional stories do help develop children’s imagination, while almost half of those surveyed (45%) think they play a part in teaching our little ones valuable lessons.

So, in the year Sherwood Forest – home to Robin Hood – turns 30, we want to encourage families to rediscover these stories of old, and reignite our passion for sharing them. We worked with The Folklore Society to create a Folklore Map of Britain to showcase just some of the fantastic mythical tales our regions have to offer.

To see and use the interactive version of the map below

(by clicking on the icons),

please go to:

Britains Myth Map


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