What’s in Your Tagline?

By Judith Briles  on The Book Designer site:

It’s a good question … for most, the answer is zilch. Or, the response is: what’s a tagline?

Okay … what is a tagline and why should an author care?

Ahh … now we are into the meat of it. Start with separating a tagline from a slogan. Where a slogan is usually used for a single campaign or product; taglines are used for an entity as a whole. That means YOU or your book line.

If a visitor to your website or someone who had your business card or someone who read a description or short bio on a blog or article read your tagline (if you have one), would he or should he know what you do or what you offer without an explanation?

Taglines are a hook to what you, your company, your books are all about.

There’s a commonality and there’s a book load of information delivered in just one line. They aren’t complicated and use simple, easily understandable words that a reader doesn’t have to reach for a dictionary to figure out what was just written.

For example, take Joel’s The Book Designer tagline: Practical advice to help build better books. Everything he does in the publishing field circulates around the word “practical” and “build better books.”

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What’s in Your Tagline?


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