World’s first “sustainable smart street” features power-generating pavement

Energy accumulation and chirping sidewalks, pollution cleansing benches and more – technology doing good work that benefits the world and its inhabitants 😎

Life & Soul Magazine

The world’s first “sustainable smart street” – where visitor’s footsteps are used to generate electricity; the wall paint purifies the air; and a bench, which sucks nitrogen dioxide from the air to purify it, provides those in need of a seat with clean air – has opened up in London’s West End.

Bird Street features a range of pioneering pop-ups, from independent fashion and lifestyle brands to ethical homeware stores.

It is also home to some innovative technologies that are enabling people to become aware of sustainability through an immersive and interactive experience, which is designed to be “fun”.

Bird Street is quite literally “a breath of fresh air” just streets away from London’s busy shopping metropolis, Oxford Street – a densely populated and polluted area.

Pavegen installed a 107-square-foot pavement, featuring black triangular tiles, which generates around 5 watts of continuous power per footstep. The bespoke pavement absorbs the energy either to store it in a…

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