Scrivener Backups & Snapshots Strategies Pt. 1

Story Empire

Photo courtesy stockarch via Morguefile.

One subject that should be important to all writers is that of backing up data. I’ve worked in IT for a while and one of our mantras is that you are only as good as your last backup. Even that statement doesn’t encompass it all because you’re last backup may not be good it should be: your last good backup. While Scrivener makes it easy to backup, thinking about a few strategies can help you avoid a headache if your computer crashes or some other event affects your home.

For writing purposes and Scrivener, this is relatively easy to address. There are several ways to backup data, one being backing up your entire project aside from where it currently exists and the other being snapshots that allow you to revert easily back to a prior state. That sounds the same but they are actually different…

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