Oh no, it’s the Grammar Police again!

by Derek Haines

Over the years I have had my fair share of attacks by the Grammar Police, or as they are sometimes called the Grammar Nazis. They are a strange breed, as they obviously have little better to do than painstakingly read mountains of text, all in the hope of finding a missing full stop, (ok, period for my US friends) comma, or their favourite, an appetising spelling mistake.

Mostly, these Grammar commando attacks have been on my books, and of course, any decent Grammar Nazi immediately posts a review on Amazon to highlight my offending missing comma on page 211. Yes, I’ve had them all. Even one who punished me for my spelling, but was totally unaware that British spelling is an alternative to US spelling, and that it is indeed very correct. Mind you, the offending review about my horrid spelling was never retracted.

On my blogs too, but I must admit that bombing raids here have been less frequent, or fewer in number. Yes, less and fewer are a point of grammar that they adore, so I’ve used them both in the last sentence to protect myself from a missile attack.

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The Grammar Police

4 thoughts on “Oh no, it’s the Grammar Police again!

  1. I must confess to having a deep seated aversion to the use of the word “Nazi” unless it is used in its proper context, to describe the National Socialist German Workers Party, who ruled Germany from 1933-1945. That regime committed some of the worst atrocities in history (including the murder of around 6 million Jews and prior to the “Final Solution” the forced sterilisation and killing of the disabled). To bandy about the word “Nazi” is, in my view highly ill advised. Those obsessed with grammar can undoubtedly be extremely irritating. The anoyance caused by them can, however in no way be compared with the crimes of the Third Reich. So I for one will continue to avoid the use of “Nazi” unless I’m employing it to describe the NSDAP or modern day apologists for the Hitler regime..

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