How Politically Correct Should Writers Be?

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A while ago a well-known author published a book about a rich, handsome man who pretty much had anything anyone could wish for becoming paralyzed in an accident. He and the woman hired to care for him then fell in love, but at the end he chose to commit suicide rather than carry on. This caused quite a few disabled people to be deeply offended, and this was pretty obvious in the reviews. Several suggested that she hadn’t done her research properly, or she would have realized that it was very insulting to those in similar circumstances in that it suggested that living in that way was so unbearable that death was preferable. Most of those real, live people strive for the best lives that they can. They don’t generally give up, and I’m sure that they have just as much joy during the course of their lives as anyone…

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2 thoughts on “How Politically Correct Should Writers Be?

  1. Having lost the majority of my eyesight at approximately 18-month-old and being registered blind, I have a personal interest in this subject. I certainly don’t think that writers should be prohibited or feel constrained as regards the portrayal of characters who are disabled. It is, ultimately a matter for every author to decide how they portray characters. I do, however become irritated when writers sentamentalise disabled people, portray them as objects of pity or give the impression that being disabled equals tragedy. Many disabled people live happy and productive lives and inaccurate portrayals of disability or those which pander to common misconceptions can be harmful and demonstrate a lack of research by the writer. However, as I said earlier, such issues should not be policed but writers should expect to be challenged on inaccurate portrayals of characters with disabilities. Kevin

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