Publish The Book You’ve Already Written, Your Blog Posts

Great suggestion from Annette, however, please do NOT use Amazon Kindle Select Program (KDP) while the material is in the public domain elsewhere – including on your own blogs.
Read what happened to Seumas Gallacher

Annette Rochelle Aben

Had an interesting email conversation the other day. A fellow blogger was asking how I felt about them using their blog posts as material for books they would publish. I was totally supportive!

Their biggest concern was that people had already seen it, so what would be the point of putting it into a book. A most thought provoking statement indeed,  but once again, I did not see that as an issue.

Let’s say that you, like me, have written poetry and that you, like me, have already used that poetry on your blog. Even if you have thousands of followers, I can guarantee you that not all of them have seen everything you have posted. I can also guarantee that everyone you know or are related to, cannot be counted among those who follow your blog, or who have read your posts. So, it’s not like millions of people…

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13 thoughts on “Publish The Book You’ve Already Written, Your Blog Posts

  1. Loved Annette’s info. And the info about alerting us to the hazards of publishing with KDP Select with blog content. I never would have thought that would be an issue. Now I know. Thanks for sharing, Chris. 👍

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  2. Gee whiz, eh? I appreciate that you shared the experience of fellow blogger/author Seumas. As there are many other avenues out there for publishing, I think we can make the decision to leave Kindle Select out of the equation. I’ll be bowing out of there soon myself after reading Seumas’ post.

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