Writer’s Block – Guest Post by, Andrew Joyce…

I have stopped writing. It’s been almost two months now. I’ve written a paragraph here and there, but that’s all. My new story haunts me in the night. During the day, it calls out to me. It needs me, its creator, to give it birth. But I refuse its entreaties day after day.

My characters beg me to complete their being, to give them the life they so richly deserve. I brought them into this world and it is not fair to leave them hanging, so to speak.

Why am I not writing? Is it because I don’t know where next to take the story? Or is it that I am just too goddamn lazy to go to work? It’s got to be one or the other—or so I thought. But this morning, I had an epiphany.

I write all my stories in my head before I type the first word. Not one hundred percent mind you, but I’ve got it all mapped out. I’ve published four books so far and with each of them, I knew where I wanted to take my characters and I knew what the subtext of the story would be before I wrote the first word. I even had the last paragraph written. So, it can’t be that I don’t know what to write.

As to being lazy, yeah, I’ll give you that one. I am a lazy son-of-a-bitch. But that’s not the reason I’m not writing. I love to write and I love doing the research my books demand of me.

It came to me this morning. I am not writing because I am afraid. Petrified! Terrified into inaction. I fear that my writing does not measure up. As I’ve said, I have four books out there and they all are enjoying good reviews. That fact has sustained me until recently. I never thought of myself as a John Steinbeck, but I figured, on a good day, I was about a six on a scale of ten.

But now, with my new book, I’m trying to push myself to become a seven or maybe even an eight. And that is the crux of the matter. I am afraid of failing.

One other thing enters into the equation. I have decided that I will not go through the indignities of marketing this book. I’m basically writing it for myself. There will be no glory, no praising reviews, and no five stars on Amazon. So, a small part of me says, “Why bother?”

I’ve got to work this out or buy myself a TV and watch Oprah all day long. You would think that thought alone would be enough to get me back to the computer.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my angst. It’s 1:27 a.m. and I should be working on my book, but instead, I’m talking to you nice folks. You see what I mean? I just wrote 491 words telling you about my inability to write. I could have used some of those words in my story.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll buckle down. But I doubt it.

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9 thoughts on “Writer’s Block – Guest Post by, Andrew Joyce…

  1. I want to thank all of you who took the time to comment. I did not write the post for encouragement, I wrote it to vent—to rail against the gods of writing. But your comments did encourage me. So thank you. I started back on my story this morning.

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  2. You know what they say? “He who writes for himself, writes for an eternal audience!” I may have the quote incorrect but the sentiment carries a wallop. The television and Oprah route? meh That’s not you. Perhaps, this is the perfect time for Danny to put together his book? You could coach him, after all, you’re a damn good writer! 🙂

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  3. Every word of this post resonates with me. I used to write first drafts with the greatest of ease, knowing I could always whip them into shape later – but now I’ve read so much advice about the rules of writing, I can no longer find words to convey my ideas. Every day it seems there are fewer words you can use safely. (‘Safely’ being one you MUSTN’T use, because adverbs are on the ever increasing s**t list.) I don’t know who’s making up all these rules, but I feel hamstrung by them. (Oops! Passive voice!) I know you can ignore rules when writing a first draft, but they will keep popping into my head to nag me and interfere with my flow. And don’t even get me started on marketing! I’m trying to write for my own enjoyment now as well because, like you, I don’t want to watch trash TV all day, but The Rules are seriously spoiling my fun.

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    • Annabelle, I know you’re writing to Andrew, but if I may interject….huck the rules!! (Of course, I mean throw ’em out the window, like Andrew did with his TV.) Just get it all down, have fun doing it, and then work with a good editor to help you figure out which rules stay, which go, and which can be bent.

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