Inside BookExpo: How Publishers Promote Books – by Dan Blank…

Today I want to showcase the variety of ways that publishers promote books within the publishing industry.

I will share with you what I saw this week at BookExpo, a trade show held each year that is open only to those in the publishing industry.

I want to make a big point here: publishers use a wide range of new and old fashioned ways to promote books.

If you are an author wondering how you should develop your own audience and readership, take note of what is happening here.

I’m going to explore it piece by piece, so please read the captions to the photos, they are critically important.

Who is the audience at BookExpo?

Librarians, booksellers, distributors, agents, media, and so so so many others who play roles in how publishing works.

Let’s dig in – Click the following link:



4 thoughts on “Inside BookExpo: How Publishers Promote Books – by Dan Blank…

  1. I loved your post, ur photos, ur descriptions, i also want to attend such an expo.. It reminded me of my medical conference where there are stalls for seeing new gadgets… But no free giveaways or totes or books.. Yours is definitely a more interesting one.. Will put this in my wish list to go for a book expo

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