Don’t Advertise With Amazon Until You’ve Read This

Nicholas C. Rossis

Yes, this is the long-promised post where I share my experience advertising with Amazon and the things I’ve learned — things that could make or break your campaign.

What I’ve Learned Advertising With Amazon

You may remember my past experiences with Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) and the recent plan I’d set for myself. I started promoting in April with 3 kinds of ads:

Ad #1: Sponsored Products, Manual Keywords

This was the bulk of my promos. I chose up to 1,000 keywords for each book and used them to target potential readers.

How does one come up with so many keywords, you ask? Well, there are two easy ways:

Advertising with Amazon (AMS) | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's books1. Choose The Best-Selling Books In Your Genre

The first strategy requires that you find the genres in which your books sells. Amazon does some automatic choosing for you, and you can sometimes see these listed under your book details…

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6 thoughts on “Don’t Advertise With Amazon Until You’ve Read This

  1. so nice read. allow me to clarify their sales rank algo tho a bit. they dont even know its inner workings. Sure they largely know the theory behind it but machine learning is a different beast than engineers are use to writing in the course of their lives. you dont code them explicitly you code an optimization function and then feed it data that is tagged or otherwise inform it of what your trying to find with a dataset of examples. there is no explicit step 1 step 2 step 3 done kinda thing. sure writing the algorithm that optimizes is still done that way but the thing takes on a a bit of a life of its own after that. its been shown artificial neural nets begin to manifest manic behavior when pushed ever harder to better fit the data. eerie.



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