Guest John Holt On Transferring Book Rights

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I’ve known many authors–dozens in person and more than three thousand online. Many of us met on a now defunct writers’ website called Authonomy. John Holt is one of those authors. He and I are in some of the same FB groups. Yesterday, I saw his posts in one of those groups and asked him to write a guest blog article about the subject he’d posted about: Transferring Book Rights. He’s done quite a bit of research on the subject and written a terrific article that could help lots of authors.

John Holt New Blog

Here is John Holt’s article:


It’s not a pretty subject I grant you, but sadly death will come to all of us. So recently I have been given a bit of thought to passing on the royalties of my novels to my daughter.

Firstly, let me say that the book market is now vastly different to…

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4 thoughts on “Guest John Holt On Transferring Book Rights

  1. Interesting post. I wonder if these many blogs for money sites on youtube need to do the same things with copyright? Do you own what you post to YouTube or does google? Questions. Hugs

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