Whatever the weather be in Wetherby, the Cardinal & I are nowhere near there.

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The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company.

The phrase you’re looking for is “out of step”.

As in, the Cardinal and I are out of step. The majority of other folks pootling up and down these delightful ditches are “left, left, left right left” whereas the Cardinal and I are more “right, right, left right right”. We’re also slower than most. We mooch. This is, methinks, because when I wake up every day I am on my boat, whereas other folk mostly wake up in Brixanmortah and boating is a bonus, a treat, a brief respite. The hire boaters have given themselves five days to circumnavigate six counties, those who can only get to their boats at weekends are anxious to squeeze the last possible smidgen of enjoyment out of their holidays.

I’m always home, on holiday. I brew coffee, and I make toast, and I watch.

1P1090521 An early-morning wing-rinse, possibly with some sort of duck shampoo…

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4 thoughts on “Whatever the weather be in Wetherby, the Cardinal & I are nowhere near there.

  1. I could not see how to rate it, but could I do so it would get a vote. Awesome, Exciting! It put me in the moment with the author.


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    • Thanks Patty, life on the canals is always interesting (for me, at least) in some way – it’s pootle pootle pootle and then wham, something odd or outstanding, a boating moment or a wildlife moment happens. It’s growing on me… 😉

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  2. Many thanks, Chris, much appreciated! The breeze has stayed with us so far today and the temperature remains relatively civilised – especially so since I’ve just taken a little stroll, bought a couple of cold bottles of designer beer and found a stack of books to read at a canal charity event up by the lock. Result! No prizes for guessing what I’ll be doing this evening… 🙂

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