An Interview With Zoe The Fabulous Feline

It’s nice to learn a little more about my Fabulous Feline Friend, Zoe 👍😃

Aoibha Walsh

Q: Hi Zoe, how are you today?
Hello, Aoibha. I’m pretty excited, actually. My human’s been away and she just got home. I’ve missed giving her little love bites! The male human we live with is ok, but his skin does not taste as good as Emily’s. And he’s not as soft, either.
Q: Where did you get your fabulous name?
I first met my human when she came to the animal shelter with her daughter, who had gone there to adopt a cat she’d seen online. My human was just going along for the ride, but her daughter was pretty wise; she brought along two cat carriers…to pick up one cat. I spied Emily looking at me and gave her a fabulous grin. I was tweaking and rolling around and being very playful as well as vocal. She turned her back to me to talk to her daughter for…

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2 thoughts on “An Interview With Zoe The Fabulous Feline

  1. Darn it! I wanted to make a wise-acre remark, Mr. Ape Man, but your comment was so nice. I cannot. Today, anyway…
    😉 (Yes, cats can wink, it’s more like a blink but in such slow-mo, that it looks like a right and then left eye wink. uh-huh)

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