Meet Guest Author Carla Godfrey…

I’m Carla, an enthusiastic individual who started writing when I was eight.

I first started writing period dramas which was born out of my love for Jane Austen.

Upon realising that writing period dramas was far more complicated than it looked, I settled for contemporary fiction.

I normally try to make sure that my novels are a good read with a certain edge to them, dealing with a number of issues and I try to make sure that each book has its own theme and complicated characters, at the end of the day; I try to make them as unique as I can, when writing, it is important that each book stands out and is accepted on its own merit.

I suppose it can be said that my style of writing was born out of a melange of all the different authors I have read over the years such as Penny Vincenzi and Katie Fforde.

My writing process is fairly simple – keeping a little notebook and jotting down ideas.

I never see writing as work as I absolutely love it and get very excited when I think up a new plot, as well as the opportunity to design a new book cover.

I was very excited to discover I could self-publish as I wished to share them and hopefully receive feedback – which hasn’t always been positive!

I wanted to self-publish as I wished to have complete self-control and freedom without having to send off and wait for the rejection letter.

When I am not writing – I am usually surfing the internet, trying to find new ways to promote my novels and updating my blog, I also enjoy – at the risk of sounding extravagant – taking city and shopping breaks.



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13 thoughts on “Meet Guest Author Carla Godfrey…

  1. I’m glad to see you making a splash here. I checked your page on Goodreads and noticed there were no ratings for your books. The Amazon link to If I Were You lead to ten other books with the same name, including one by P.J. Wodehouse, a well-known author. I looked at three of your other books and none had reviews. On Kobo, If I Were You came up second, but again no reviews. I hope being on TSRA helps you get an audience. It’s a site appreciated by many authors!

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    • Thanks – If I Were You is available to pre-order so that would explain why there are no reviews. Yes It’s strange – I think some of these sites must match certain words with other books – and get it wrong. 🙂

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