Trending Up: What’s Fueling and Feeding the Audiobook Boom?

by Beth Bacon on Digital Book World:

The digital audiobook industry is trending up. The recent launch of RBmedia, a digital audio company that brings together the management of several technologies that specialize in spoken-word audio, casts a spotlight on this growth. In recent years, spoken-word media has increased in both sales and the number of titles being published.

The latest statistics from the Audio Publishing Association show that audiobook sales totaled more than $1.77 billion in 2015, up 20.7 percent over the previous year. During that time, unit sales grew 24.1 percent. In July 2016, The Wall Street Journal called audiobooks the “fastest growing format in publishing.”

New digital technologies have led to the rapid growth in listening to books. The ubiquity of mobile smartphones and new in-home infotainment technologies are two leading factors. As the demand for audiobook content rises, publishers have begun to make audiobook production more accessible to indie authors.

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One thought on “Trending Up: What’s Fueling and Feeding the Audiobook Boom?

  1. I have purchased two audio books and the kindle version too. I don’t really like the voices of either one or the speed of their dialogue. But, perhaps these will improve over time and we will have the ability to choose the voice that is most pleasing to each reader. K D 🙂

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