A plea for reviewers – can we open up a dialogue about self-published books?

AUTHORS – There are messages in this post for you as well 🐵

Nail Your Novel

So I find a lovely-looking review blog. The posts are thoughtful, fair and seriously considered. I look up the review policy and … it says ‘no self-published books’.

Today I want to open a dialogue with reviewers. If you have that policy, might you be persuaded to change it? Or to approach the problem in a different way?

I used the word ‘problem’. Because I appreciate – very well – that in making this policy you are trying to tackle a major problem. Your time as a reviewer is precious – and let me say your efforts are enormously appreciated by readers and authors alike. You get pitches for many more books than you can read and you need a way to fillet out the ones that are seriously worth your reading hours. A blanket ban is a way to fend off a lot of substandard material and save you…

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4 thoughts on “A plea for reviewers – can we open up a dialogue about self-published books?

  1. Self-published authors are fighting this battle because of the huge influx of poorly edited or not edited at all, books that were thrown out on the market with the ease of self-publishing. However, the creams always rises to the top. While I understand the reason for the reviewers’ policy, I have read some AMAZING self-published books and as macjam47 said, these reviewers are missing out!

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  2. I review a lot of self-published books and find that most of them are as well-written as traditionally published books. People who won’t read and review s-p books are missing out on some terrific reads by some very talented authors.

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  3. Yeah, I get so excited when I finally find a reviewer who actually reviews both MG books and ebooks, and then it says no self-published books. Grrr! Makes me feel like I have the black plague or something. It’s SO upsetting and frustrating when I know my books are well-written and edited.

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