Earth Day 2017 REMINDER – We have but ONE PLANET to call HOME…

Look After and Protect It

So It Continues to Look After and Protect YOU


Image: NASA Common Domain


11 thoughts on “Earth Day 2017 REMINDER – We have but ONE PLANET to call HOME…

  1. Walked on the beach with my beloved; marvelled at the concentric circles of fossilised mud which we’d never seen before even though we have looked at and even photographed those rocks! Perhaps today the angle of the light, perhaps layers of lichens lifted from the recent heavy rains, perhaps …
    Ancient lava lines solidified, rocks vertical from upheaval in some geographic-time labelled event; clouds on the horizon, pastel pink and blue hues normally associated with newborn babes; in the west the dimming sun intensifies as a last minute salute to the day. Happy Earth Day with heartfelt thanks

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  2. Hey Chris,

    Earth, our beautiful jewel and spiritual mother asks for nothing more than our Love in return for her eternal devotion to Her children.

    May I leave the following poem? I thought it elegant.

    ~ Song of the Earth at the Century’s End ~ By ~ Francis Howarth ~


    Melodies thread upwards

    Through the Stars

    Stairways climbed by grief

    With a touch so light

    That joy cries to the traveller

    ‘This is your home!’

    And the black Sun

    Rolls in the dust

    In a cartwheel of light.


    The cohort rain drove all before it

    And fell like lead amid the corn,

    Trampling the land.

    The bodies of men were sloughed off.


    Or else,

    Or else, the blue mountain

    Must be hewn

    From a lake of glass

    By giant hands, centuries old,

    Its huge heart beating light.


    The forests now are bristling

    The day is dark as night.

    The strange fields are livid

    With the light of revelation.


    Steam rises from the river.

    A ribbon of smoke

    Twists through the violet wood.

    Sky meets sky

    Without a sound

    In an embrace of light

    Before the gracious appearance

    Of the star.


    The apple trees of the Caucasus

    Flare from a red furrow.

    The fruit is given to the knife.

    Lift out the seed of light:

    Stone lids, stone eyes

    And a star at the core,

    Arms outstretched,

    Embedded in this disc.


    O lantern Earth, swing

    Through the firmament of night.


    Taken from:~ The Virago Book of Spirituality – Virago Press 1996 ~


    Hoping all is well on both land and calm rivers.

    Namaste 🙂


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