42 Funeral and Burial Rituals from Around the World #infographic…

When you lose a family member, friend, significant other, or loved one it’s human nature to mourn their passing and have a desire to celebrate and memorialize their life.

This desire is what gave rise to funeral customs and burial rituals that have been occurring around the globe for generations upon generations.

Interestingly enough, it seems as though each culture has their own traditions when it comes to funerals.

This infographic examines 42 unique and diverse methods, customs, traditions, and rituals from cultures that are equally as unique and diverse.

From the solemn ship burials and claustrophobic catacombs to the lively jazz funerals and head turning air sacrifice, this list includes something you might find to be strange and even creepy but to the peoples and cultures that practice them, they are perfectly normal.

Imagine how many of these cultures would think about the burial customs in your culture and family!

42 Funeral and Burial Rituals from Around the World #infographic

Source: Visualistan


6 thoughts on “42 Funeral and Burial Rituals from Around the World #infographic…

  1. I told my kids that I want my ashes cast off a bridge in North Miami spanning the Intercoastal to Miami Beach. I told them to be sure the wind is at their back. I don’t want any blow back wherein the cars run over my ashes and I get killed again.

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  2. Interesting that I see this post today. I have been thinking of starting a company that helps people plan funerals.Truth here… My years spent working in the industry opened my eyes as to what we are really seeking when someone passes. Seldom, if ever, are our true needs met. We tend to operate on auto pilot.

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