The Sensation Book Is Here!

A word of caution from Kevin 😀


I have been aware, for some considerable time now, that there is emerging a wholly new kind of book. I am not speaking here of ebooks for these are now “old hat”. Rather I am referring to the Sensation Book.

So what is the Sensation Book I hear you ask?

I was recently contacted by Sensation Books International with a request that I take a look at their forthcoming book, “The Traditional English Garden”. Being a lover of gardens and, in particular scented flowers I, of course jumped at the opportunity.

My experience of this book is rather painful! On turning to the first chapter “The Rose in the English Garden” I was blown away by the scent of the many roses which wafted up from the paper (the scent is, I understand kept fresh and ever changing by a series of tiny chips in the paper which keep the…

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5 thoughts on “The Sensation Book Is Here!

  1. Sounds like the movies from way back when, when they used to release odors in the theater. I never experienced it, but it didn’t last Not sure I want an odoriferous book! Would a book about the western migration smell of cow poop

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  2. Many thanks for re-blogging my cautionary tale. On looking at Sensation Books International’s website I was concerned to see that they offer a book called “Wildlife of the World”. The book’s cover is adorned by a fearsome looking tiger and I would advise any person tempted to purchase this work, to think carefuly before doing so. A bee sting is bad enough but …

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