Give Your Readership A Massive Boost With Instafreebie

Nicholas C. Rossis

A few weeks ago, author Steve Boseley, a regular in this blog, contacted me to participate in my newsletter group. When discussing the details, I suggested he grows his own list first, as it consisted of a mere handful of addresses. We brainstormed and came up with the idea of using Instafreebie to grow his list, and he promised to share his experience. He has now done so, with great success, and has written what’s probably the best post on the subject I’ve ever seen. Thank you, Steve!

Give your readership a massive boost with Instafreebie

Instafreebie logo steve boseley

As a relatively new author, I am very quickly learning the importance of having and building an email list. Having a direct line to a reader’s inbox gives me an opportunity not usually available through social media and other channels, and that is to start forming and building relationships with readers.

It took me…

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