It is Worth It – Guest Post by Yecheilyah Ysrayl…


Peace to everyone reading this post at this moment, for sharing these words on your blogs, and for giving me the opportunity to speak. I am grateful for the support and for the opportunity to build with you.

Frustration, depression, sadness, and lack of hope is something that everyone experiences at one time or another. These spirits are most especially present in the ambitious person. The man or woman who desires to go above and beyond. The person who strives for excellence, who strives to do anything beyond the norm, anything great, anything outside the box, and anything noble can be sure to experience these low points somewhere down the line.

Any writer who is really seeking to make a difference, not just to pen empty words on a page but to literally carve purpose into ink and to do it so powerfully that it breaks down mental barriers, this writer must expect to have doubt and fear at some point in their journey to greatness. At one point one may feel irrelevant and their work equivalent to someone standing in a crowded room, screaming, but not being heard. If this is your time (for we shall all have our time), if I’ve described how you’re feeling right now, then I say to you that it is worth it.

What “It” is

What does it mean “It Is Worth It?” “It” is anything you do productively that is part of the building blocks to your success. Whatever “It Is” that you do daily that lays the foundational groundwork for your coming opportunity. It can be:

  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Blogging
  • Reviewing Books
  • Social Media Marketing / Promo
  • Promotion
  • Brainstorming
  • Guest Posting
  • Researching

Anything you do to help to move you closer to your end goal is a collection of seeds planted in hopes to grow into something that will someday work for you instead of you having to work for it. Someday, instead of you having to cultivate the soil and plant the seed, the tree will give birth to fruit that will nourish your soul and it will do so every season without you having to do much. However, this is only possible if the ground is first tilled, watered, and the seeds planted. Everything that you do is a seed and over time can open doors. Therefore, though you are blogging for free, and writing and publishing books without much return on investment, it is still worth it. It is worth it because when your time comes you have something of a platform, something of a manuscript ready, and something of a collection of books published. You have seeds that you can show are the result of work you’ve been putting in. You have something to show for your time and who knows what this can lead to.

Before any person of success (however you define it) got to where they are, they’ve had to go underground and underground is behind the stage, and away from the people. Underground is the place where people are laying seeds and preparing for harvest. Overnight success does not exist and though we’ve known this or rather have been told it repeatedly, it is our actions that inevitably showcase what’s in our hearts. Though we “know” that overnight success does not exist, we do not always showcase in our actions this understanding. We want to write books and have them to be instant Best Sellers or start blogs with instant notoriety but these things do not happen without seeds, without foundations, and without beginnings. That said, how do I leave you? What do I plant here for you to ponder until the next time that we see each another? I say to you to begin. Start. Plant and in due season, you will reap.

You’re not getting likes and feedback on your blog posts. Should you stop? Should you cease? I say to keep going for you are laying a foundation so that when the people come, you are ready to receive them. Preparation. Keep drafting blog posts and keep publishing them to the best of your ability. Your books aren’t getting reviews. Should you stop writing? Should man determine your fate? Should numbers define you? Should the opinions of others become your purpose? I say to keep seeking reviews, keep writing, and keep publishing. The only thing that can produce results is consistent action.

This is what motivates me. This is what keeps me going. This is why I continue to do what I do despite opposition, and despite not being where I want to be just yet. Despite not having a Best-Selling book (YET), 20,000 followers on my blog (YET), or thousands of followers on social media, I stand and I speak with authority despite these things why? I know in my heart that in the end, IT IS WORTH IT.

Yecheilyah Ysrayl


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