13 Weeks: 13 Quick Blogging Tips: Week 3: Are You Making This Big Mistake When Creating A Pingback?

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Pingbacks are every blogger’s best friend and, as bloggers, we should use them at every opportunity. They bring extra traffic to our blogs and can be used to promote posts with a similar subject. Don’t know how to create one? Click here for my step by step guide.

Whenever another blogger creates a pingback to one of my blog posts, I’ll always go and thank them. However, sometimes, I don’t always know that a pingback has been linked to my blog. Why? Because the pingback has been associated with the home page of my blog.

While there is nothing technically wrong with a pingback linked to the homepage of a blog, the blogger whose blog you have linked back to does not get a notification that you have created a pinback to their blog. Therefore, unless they follow your blog and read your post, they may be unaware that you’ve linked back to…

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  1. That is great advice. I just was scrolling through the reader of my followed sites, and I was reading a post of an award. I love to read those, and i noticed that I was nominated, but I did not get a notification about it??? They really need to fix that!

    Side Note: I was referred to you from Kate McClelland in regards to a issue I have been having with my hyperlink. She said you are a wiz at this kind of stuff!
    When I click it nothing happens. It like it was disabled or something. I have checked the forum, and I haven’t found anything in regards to this concern. I can’t even press the hyperlink button, it does nothing?
    Any advice? I have so many posts that require a hyperlink…I hate plagiarism, and I have at least 3 posts as drafts because I don’t want to submit them until my hyperlink is fixed!

    Have a great day. Hope to hear from you soon.

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