15 Top Tips for Webinar Wannabes…

By Joel Friedlander on The Book Designer Site:


I told you about the time my laptop spontaneously rebooted while I was co-hosting a product launch webinar?

Of about the time we registered hundreds of people for the wrong start time for a webinar?

Or when we realized at 2 minutes to start time that our slide deck had the dates from our last promotion instead of the one we were doing that day?

No? Well, I’m not surprised. Nobody likes to talk about the disasters, the tragedies, the missed opportunities.

But the fact is this: if you decide to run a webinar for your book launch, or to build your email list, or for any of the many reasons you might want to do so, I can promise you this:

You don’t have to worry whether things will go wrong—you’ll do much better planning what you’re going to do when they go wrong.

Because they will.

One minute you think, “Wow, this technology is awesome! I’m sitting here barking at my screen, and hundreds of people scattered around the world are listening! I love this!”

The next minute you realize you forgot to “Unmute” yourself, and all that brilliant talk you were doing went nowhere, and your audience is wondering where the hell you are.

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Top 15 Tips for Webinars


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