Tech 101: Reflowable EPUBs VS Fixed Layout EPUBs

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Last summer, Kobo Writing Life launched its professional EPUB conversion service on the Author Services tab of the Dashboard. Since then, we’ve seen one question come up a lot: what’s the difference between epub and epub fixed layout?

So here’s a short guide to determining whether your book is one or the other.

An EPUB, as you may already know, is just an eBook. There are two file formats for eBooks: EPUB and MOBI. EPUB is the global standard used in most e-reading devices (Nook, iBooks, Google and Kobo all use this format).

It’s important to note that in most cases where we say “epub”, we’re likely referring to a reflowable EPUB.

Reflowable EPUBs

This is a file where the text flows between pages, adjustable for font size, and thus not restricted to a specific page count. Increasing font size on your e-reader means the book’s page count will increase…

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