Guest author: Amy M. Reade – I Don’t Write Horror—I Live It.


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I don’t know how many times I’ve come back from a vacation and said to anyone who would listen, “I’m never going on vacation again,” only to pack up and go somewhere else the following year. Honestly, with all the vacation mishaps my family and I have had, I could write a book.

There was the time my brother caught pertussis and was hospitalized for what seemed like months. He was just a baby. We almost lost him.

There was the time I ran through an undoused fire at a campground and spent a week in the hospital with third degree burns all over my foot. Worst pain I’ve ever been in.

There was the time everyone in my family had pinkeye in Hawaii.

What about the time I got bronchitis in Florida? And the time I had it in Hawaii? And the time I went on a whale-watching trip…

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