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Nicholas C. Rossis

Amazon | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's books Image:

Image this: You have the perfect campaign lined up, and are counting the days before you finally start paying off the cost of those ads.

Then, you receive an email from Amazon accusing you of copyright infringment. Your book has been taken down for now, until you prove it is, indeed, written by you.

This is what’s been happening to several authors, who have received the dreaded copyright notifications from Amazon. Specifically, they’ve received the following email:


We are writing to you regarding the following book(s):

Title:[book title]

During a quality assurance review of your catalog, we found content (text and/or images) that is widely available on the web. You can do an online search for the content inside your books to discover which sites are offering the content for free. Copyright is important to us – we want to make sure that no author or other copyright…

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4 thoughts on “Amazon Notifications Regarding Copyright


    I have made 3 political posters of campaign items for Theodore Roosevelt. Franklin Roosevelt, and William Jennings Bryan. I downloaded the items, adjusted size , printed and with scissors and exacto knife cut out all 200 items for each poster . I arranged them on the blank poster. For copyright I declared omission for copyright of the 200 items each. F. Roosevelt 1930’s and T. Roosevelt and Bryan beginning 20th Century. Probably no copyright for the buttons and ribbons still in existence by manufacturer or never copyrighted as mere campaign items as so old but claimed them as not my property. Since all items in public domain as history I could use them. If buttons listed for sale on amazon or ebay I could use them as part of public domain as sales listings unless the seller had copyright of the photo of the item. If I copied from catalogues I asked for permission and all sales entities granted permission but really did not have to do that

    On my copyright form I claimed the posters as art. I claimed as my original production of the arrangement of the buttons and ribbons on 20×30 heavy stock paper, the green background and the red, white and blue border as my hand made production. I declared pics of buttons in public domain. Went through no problems. Selling the posters has been a problem as they cost me $45 each to have produced and I want to make $100 profit so that’s $145 plus shipping. I have them made print on demand at local FedEX ( mention their copy write as is their protected name and logo). Have not sold any, will not reduce price as they are premier collections and most complete showpiece of campaign material available anywhere else in world.

    I will not list here to see samples as it would be inappropriate to advertise my sales in this blog of The Story Reading Ape. I also do Dia de los Muertos art and have them made the same way but copy write merely with my name at the bottom (c). That shows my ownership as creator of the art. I had my cartoon book made by create space and they obtained copy write and ISBM # for me as part of set up package fee.

    For books sometimes cheaper to have made at local print shop and sell them yourself. I am sure if you pay them for copyright and ISBM# they will do that as part of production fee(some may not) and you can sell they yourself rather than have publisher make their cut of profit.

    As far as theft and reproduction of your book there really is not much you can do about it unless you care to pay a copy right lawyer huge retainer and if there is not many tens of thousands of dollars at stake lawyer won’t even take the case and even judgment against the thief is awarded you won’t recoup losses if printed outside US esp produced in China and is where the thief will contract with manufacturer.


  2. Use Legal Zoom to copyright. Does not cost very much and they handle everything with copyright office. There is also a form to list things/exceptions to copyright: for example ” The pictures on page 15 and 27 are in public domain, I do not own these pics and are not included in copyright request. ” .

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