The Technical Aspects of Writing Dragons

A Writer's Path


by Whitney Carter

Writing dragons is a popular topic here at Invisible Ink, and one of my personal favorites. We’ve talked about general tips for writing them and some of the common types, and today I want to look at some of the more technical aspects of writing these mythical creatures. My number one piece of advice when writing dragons – or any other creature, for that matter – though? Ask the writer. ; -)

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3 thoughts on “The Technical Aspects of Writing Dragons

  1. Thank you. Very helpful even if I feel each writer should create the space, world, universe that the things they write about live in. SO even while some may feel that a dragon does this or is that , if the writer can convince me their world is real but a good story and well thought out descriptions and well described actions, I will go with it. Besides, I love dragons and stories of them. Everything to the Xanth dragons, the Pern dragons to the many many more. Hugs

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    • That’s one of the things I love about dragons – despite commonly held conventions, writers can still do practically anything with them in terms of their culture, development and purpose in a story. They’re incredibly diverse creatures.

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      • I agree. Wonderful. I think there are as many dragon tales as there are people. One thing I think writers miss is that while humans love dragons, some dragons love humans. Hugs

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