How to Make Time for Creativity

Great tips from Ermal (ALK3R blog) 👍😃


There’s a creative person buzzing around in each of us. But they can’t come to the phone right now, because they’re buried in admin and paperwork.

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2 thoughts on “How to Make Time for Creativity

  1. Sadly we all think the things we are doing are of immense importance. But I know mine are critical! Such as the time I check my email, my twitter, my daily cartoons, my blog comments, my morning reading time of the news sites, my morning reading time of my current book, staring at the ceiling pondering if I should go back to sleep,and even the time I spend combing the cats can’t be cut without a national feline outcry. Yup I guess I will never be creative as I don’t have time to put my mind in gear. I simply am a slave to things that keep the universe in good shape. It would be unfair of me to take personal time and let the rest of the world’s needs hang in balance. As I told Ron the other night when he asked me to go to bed, “I can’t right now honey, someone is wrong on the internet and I have to correct them”! 🙂 Hugs

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