100 Editing and Proofreading Tips for Writers

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Underwood-vintage-typewriter-prop1Editing and proofreading are vital for producing great writing. But where should you look? What should you change? As the most comprehensive editing and proofreading list on the Web, this list provides 100 tips to self-edit your work into professional shape.

The term editing covers a wide range of practices, from restructuring whole documents to recasting sentences. Proofreading is the final stage, when everything’s in place and you’re just looking for consistency of style and final errors.

This tips are divided into six logical sections, including:

  • Habits
  • Practical Processes
  • The Bigger Picture
  • Sentence-level Editing
  • Formatting
  • Don’t Forget!

Let’s get on to the 100 best editing and proofreading tips for writers.

read more… https://www.experteditor.com.au/blog/100-editing-and-proofreading-tips-for-writers/

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9 thoughts on “100 Editing and Proofreading Tips for Writers

  1. Is anyone else having trouble posting their writings on their WordPress.com account? For the past week or so I have not been able to “preview” or “post” my writings through the site. I assume that other bloggers are having the same problems.

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      • I have tried multiple times, by going to the WordPress site online to register my issue. However, when I go to the site it is virtually impossible to locate a “real person” to talk with about the issue. I have registered a “written” request on the site but get no response. Possibly, they have changed their settings recently. I image that other bloggers are having a similar issue. Either way, thanks for your response. It’s just frustrating when a blogger can’t blog…

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        • Unfortunately I can’t find a way to contact an engineer at the moment because I’m on my iPad Joyce – it’s almost impossible using it or a smartphone – I’ll try to remember to contact one tomorrow when I’m back on my Mac and advise them of your problem.
          If you give me your email address I’ll pass it on to them, along with your issue and ask them to contact you directly 🐵


          • ActiveHealth2002@yahoo.com – email address
            I appreciate your help. I have gotten some responses as well as yours. I have put an incredible amount of work into this issue. I am very grateful for your interest in this issue for me. After trying many options, I have been able to access the site. I do not know what the original issue was but I have overcome it. Thanks so very much for your interest… However, just for future issues I would like to know how to contact a “real person” at this website for Word Press. For this piece of information I would be very grateful. Thanks, Joyce

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