It’s a jungle out there – watch out for the vanity presses #wwwblogs #amwriting #selfpublishing

Wise words of caution from Alison 🐵


Alison Williams Writing

I had a phone call the other day from an elderly gentleman who was trying to find an agent. I explained the process to him and then he said that he’d already published a book, but he still couldn’t get an agent. Digging deeper, it seemed that he was under the impression that if he had a book out on Amazon, an agent would come calling.

He’s published with a small press. I took a look on Amazon. His book has been out for almost three years. The blurb and the cover are terrible. He has zero sales and zero reviews. Getting a little bit cross now, I decided to dig a bit further.

It turns out that he paid money to a vanity press that seems to masquerade as a publisher. This organisation states on their website that they open to submissions. They give the impression that they are…

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9 thoughts on “It’s a jungle out there – watch out for the vanity presses #wwwblogs #amwriting #selfpublishing

  1. Good warning for everyone. Sometimes we are so anxious to get the word out there, we will turn to the company that seems most accessible or contacts us. We need to do our research. There are times we don’t know what we don’t know and we can’t figure out who to ask. 🙂 That’s when we are vulnerable.

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  2. My aging Aunt was taken advantage of (in my humble opinion) by such a company. I have tried to explain a few things to her about this publishing industry however, she doesn’t really know how to process all the information. I know she believed there was going to be a whole lot more done for her than there was. When she calls me for help, I do what I can but sometimes it’s not enough.

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