Medieval Monday: Travel

Allison D. Reid

travelTravel in medieval times was a challenge to say the least. In and between rural areas, there might not be more than a narrow, beaten earth path. Overly wet or snowy weather could make such roads impassable for long stretches of time. Bandits, weather, and wild animals all added to the hazards of the road. Though main trade routes were larger and better maintained (better guarded as well) they were far from comfortable. Wagon tires were primitive, made from flexible sapling wood, and transporting anything heavy was fraught with difficulties. When possible, pack animals were used by merchants who needed to get their goods from village to village. Travel by sea was no safer than travel by foot or beast, and the sea claimed many a historic figure, including the son of King Henry I.

heraldic-regaliaHowever, history shows that in spite of the dangers and discomfort of travel, it remained…

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5 thoughts on “Medieval Monday: Travel

  1. We take travel for granted so much today. However having said that I know people who have never left their home town. They grew up in an area and stayed there. Back to travel. We can go around the world both physically and virtually today. We can learn about so many cultures and ideas. I love that we can get into the van at any time and go to a place to eat that may have taken an entire day or more in the past just to get to, much less get back home. I so use to enjoy when Ron and I would take up to five other people to the theme parks in Florida and spend a day, then return home that night. I wonder what would it be like to not have the freedom to come and go like we do today? Hey that could be a great short story for you. You get taken to a place that is like today but without personal transportation. How would it change the way people live? What kinds of ideas would people have if they did not travel? Say goods could still be moved so people could still shop like today, but going to get the shopping would change, take much more energy and time. I look forward to the ideas. Hugs

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