For Lockie …

Lockie was one of my earliest Guest Authors who continued supporting and encouraging me on WordPress, Facebook and elsewhere, as well as writing great stories that I’ve enjoyed.

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It was with great sadness and a heavy heart I received the news yesterday morning from a mutual friend that author Lockard F. Young, or Lockie as he was know to all of us, had died in hospital, surrounded by his family. I like to think Lockie was also surrounded – via the internet – by the community of writers and readers that had been drawn to him. I for one counted Lockie as a very close member among my own “family” of writers, and he was valued here on Reading Recommendations for his support of me, this blog, and his fellow authors, as well as for his writing, his striving desire to perfect that craft, and his general good humour and comraderie – in spite of all he was suffering healthwise.


Lockie’s was one of the early promotions I posted here after I first set up the blog in…

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8 thoughts on “For Lockie …

  1. I’m shocked to learn of Lockie’s passing. Mourning the death of someone we personally know is difficult enough. Mourning the passing of someone we feel close to but have never met challenges reason and closure. My mind is flitting about trying to find a way to reconcile my thoughts with my emotions. He will be missed. Please don’t slip on any banana peels when we’re not here, Chris. I can’t imagine blog life without you swinging through the jungle 🙂 XXX ♥

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  2. I’m sorry to learn this. Lockie was one of my FB friends, although we never had much direct contact. It seems that too many of my FB friends have died since I first started on social media in 2011. It always makes me very sad.

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