Does Your Book Suck … or Soar?

A thought provoking article by Judith Briles on The Book Designer Site:


Next month, I have the pleasure of coordinating the 4th Annual Publishing at Sea Cruise. Eight days in the sunny Caribbean in the often chilling temps that the U.S. experiences. This year, 44 awesome, unique, interesting-to-their-core authors will be venturing into a working, tax deductible, vacation.

Our group is abuzz because the cruise line has offered to sponsor/support a special book signing of our participants to all passengers and offer their books in the ship’s store … but there’s a string attached. It’s a big one for too many of the self-publishing crowd.

I had to supply a copy of each book that the authors wanted to sign/sell to our cruise contact, the “gatekeeper” final approval person. What would the book need to do to get the approval? She wanted to see for her eyes:

Is the cover professional looking?
Has the book been edited?
Is the book offensive?

Numbers 1 and 2 shouldn’t be a problem—I had done my eyeball assessment as I opened each package from the various authors as they came in … it was the #3 that I held my breath when the box was all put together and forwarded to the cruise line. Offensive—one person’s definition of offensiveness may be the direct opposite of someone else’s. With a book that I had just completed shepherding, I knew that within, there were verbiage and descriptions peppered with what many could deem offensive. And a recent leadership book had what some could deem a tad spicy.

Because of the nature of each of the books … one from a very successful business executive and other from a formally successful Las Vegas escort service (before it was busted), I knew that because of “the language”) a few of the printers I use would turn the job down and therefore, I would seek a bid. The topic or the swearing would be offensive from prior conversations.

I suspect that I will get the green light for the books submitted. But what about yours? Will it get the green light from a book sponsor or buyer?

Find out and continue reading at:

Book Truthiness Time


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