Antique Books: A Most Royal Bestiary

Fascinating šŸµ

Kristen Twardowski

Tiger Aberdeen Bestiary.PNG

We often think of illuminated manuscripts as beautiful works of art fit only for nobility. In reality, however, these books often had more practical purposes. The Aberdeen Bestiary, a work filled with gold leaf and intricate drawings, is a perfect example of how these books could be used.

Ram Aberdeen Bestiary.PNGThough the Aberdeen BestiaryĀ was created in the 12th century, the first official record of it was in 1542 when it was documented in the Royal Library at Westminster. Around this time, King Henry VII was dissolving many monasteries in England, and it is likely that one of his agents seized the manuscript during this process.

Researchers at the University of Aberdeen have delved into a more nuanced study of the manuscript, and they have discovered some fascinating information. Art historian Jane Geddes told Live Science that many of the words in the manuscript have accentĀ marks by them in Unicorn Aberdeen Bestiary.PNGorder toā€¦

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