Can Algorithms Really Choose Books You’ll Love?

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Notes from An Alien

It can sometimes seem like a friendly employee at the local bookstore.

Book Choice Algorithms Image Courtesy of monique72 ~

Yet, it’s only information from your past purchases (and, sometimes, other personal info) passed through some mathematical formulas…

Still, even if you “like” the books selected for you with algorithms, do you “love” them?

Are they “perfect” for you or just “adequate”?

Well, there’s a group of authors associated with a new service that lets you choose books that the algorithms “can’t see”…

The Guardian recently had the article, Book-choice App Alexi Aims to Free Readers from ‘Algorithm Rabbit Hole’.

Some of the authors involved are John Banville, Peter Carey, Ali Smith, John le Carré, and Bret Easton Ellis; and, in case you wonder who the other authors are, check out their Curator Page

For about $2.50 a week Alexi, “aims to help…

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